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Organisation and Governance

Category: Strategy

Problems don't always come from the lack of vision or ressources, it comes from their articulation. Defining a new governance or a new organsiation requires an external vision bringing experience and expertise. All that ToMCo offers.

Transition Assignment

Category: Management

Our members spent over 25 years in the management of major companies. Beyond their knowledge in managing big units or large projects they experienced the transformation of the companies they worked for. Management of change is among the basics mastered by most of our members. Without any doubt they can bring just what is required to operate the change for major transitions.


Category: Management

At some points of a career managers need to challenge their own decision process, to strengthen their leadership and to develop their management skills. Thanks to their experience and their objectivity, ToMCo's members have the capabilities to help managers developing themselves on these axes.

New market penetration

Category: Strategy

Whether to get into new geographic places or new market segments it is always an accelerator to capitalise on people who have experience, feedbacks and relevant networks. ToMCo offers the priceless skills you actually look for to develop or manage businesses in unknown territories.

Process transformation

Category: Management

Under the pressure of the external environment, processes of the companies are changing. Industrialisation has become a major issue to improve margins . Supporting process transformation is exactly what our membres operated for the last years.

Rationalisation and cost cutting

Category: Strategy

Rationalisation is among the key success factor of today big companies as growth is slowing down. Making relevant choices to improve competitiveness while reducing cost require experience and knowledge broughht by our membres.

Crisis Management

Category: Management

When companies are experiencing a major crisis (human resources or loss of competitiveness) or facing a difficult situation (operational merger, social plan...); ToMCo is able to provide the relevant resources to help overcoming these situations.

Operational Strategy

Category: Strategy

ToMCo's members know what is strategy definition and they experienced strategy implementation. Using their operational experience they are the most relevant people to challenge your business. This high level vision combined with pratical experience helps delivering better value.