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Innovative breakthrough

Category: Strategy

In an ever more competitive market, innovation is a must to keep competitive advantage not to say to survive. Senior expertise is key to succeed in bringing breakthrough innovation in an organization without destroying your business model fundamentals.

Digital Transformation

Category: Management

Digital transformation is not a “buzz word”, it is an economic reality that repositions the customer at the center of the game and reduce the distance between players. Repositioning the business and adapting the organization to such revolution is the key success factor, although it requires external insight from managers that already experienced such in-depth transformation.

IT agility and efficiency

Category: Management

In a context of new market needs driven by digital revolution (simplicity, quickness, mobility, collaboration, adaptability…), IT organization, relying on short development cycles, must permanently deliver high value in line with users’ needs . ToMCo brings together Executive-level experts and methods able to redesign your IT department to lead your business to success.

New market penetration

Category: Strategy

Cybersecurity is not only a matter of technology, but before all a General Management topic that needs to involve the overall organization with the adequate governance, processes and tools. Our Partners, with extensive experience in the prevention and treatment of cyber-attacks in public and private sector, can make the difference to avoid significant impact on your business and challenge your business continuity plans.

Process transformation

Category: Management

Under the pressure of the external environment, processes of the companies are changing. Industrialisation has become a major issue to improve margins . Supporting process transformation is exactly what our membres operated for the last years.

Organization transformation and restructuring, cost cutting

Category: Strategy

Rationalisation is among the levers of today big companies to improve results as growth is slowing down. Making relevant choices to preserve competitive advantage while reducing cost requires experience, knowledge and independent view brought by ToMCo.

Turnaround strategy

Category: Management

In critical situations, ToMCo brings an extensive experience in various industries to rethink the business model and build an ambitious plan to get back on track.

Operational Strategy

Category: Strategy

ToMCo's members know what is strategy definition and they experienced strategy implementation. Using their operational experience they are the most relevant people to challenge your business. This high level vision combined with pratical experience helps delivering better value.